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The Sparx Sharpener Is A Must-Have For Any Hockey Family

The lives of hockey families are hectic, between multiple games and practices a week, the commutes to the rink, and your standard day to day activities, it can be hard to find time to make sure your family has sharp skates. For that reason alone, the Sparx Sharpener is a no-brainer for any hockey family. Not only is the time and hassle you save worth the price alone, you're also giving your family the competitive edge and allowing them to hit the ice with a pro-level sharpening every time.

Hundreds of NHL players, both active and retired, trust their edges and their families edges with the Sparx Sharpener. Hear from Mike Modano and Brent Burns on the importance of having perfect edges and the conveinence of having the Sparx Sharpener for their hockey family.

Brent Burns:

Mike Modano:

The Convenience Of The Sparx Sharpener

The Ease Of Use Of The Sparx Sharpener

Traveling With The Sparx Sharpener

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