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“It's an unbelievable product for any hockey family - it makes everything so easy.”
Brent Burns,
San Jose Sharks


  • "The Sparx Sharpener makes sense on every level. It's easy to use and consistent every time. For me, especially with my kids playing, it was a no-brainer. It's an unbelievable product to have for any hockey family - it makes everything so much easier.”

    Brent Burns

    San Jose Sharks
  • “Consistency is such a huge thing when you’re a player like me who relies so much on their skating. The convenience of having the Sparx Sharpener is great and you know exactly what you are going to get every time.”

    Jeff Petry

    Montreal Canadiens
  • “It’s almost too easy to use. You just pop the skate in, make sure the height is good, push the button and you’re good to go! I remember as a kid playing at tournaments and not having a good sharpening and there was nothing you could do about it. With the Sparx, you never have that problem.”

    Tanner Pearson

    Vancouver Canucks
  • “I’ve had some of the best equipment managers in the game sharpen my skates and when I first went out there on Sparx, I couldn’t tell a difference and if felt great. Right then, I knew I had to get one. When you have equipment managers at the highest level trusting Sparx like they do, it just shows that its an incredible product.”

    Steven Kampfer

    Boston Bruins
  • "The Sparx machine is amazing, because anytime I need to do my skates, I have a world-class skate sharpener right in my garage. It’s hard to find a good skate sharpening when you’re so use to getting professional sharpenings all the time and the Sparx is consistently good all the time.”

    Garret Sparks

    Vegas Golden Knights
  • “A friend told me about Sparx and how you can just push a button and get a great sharpening. I was skeptical at first, but I went out and got one, and he was right. It sharpens unbelievable and I love it.”

    Thomas Vanek

    1000+ NHL Games
  • “The first time I tried it, I didn’t know what to expect but I was really impressed with the glide. I didn’t think I would have the same type of finish that I get from an NHL trainer, but it was as good, possibly even better than I had been getting.”

    Matt Cullen

    1500+ NHL Games, 3X Stanley Cup Champion
  • "When I was playing, I was pretty picky when it came to getting my skates sharpened and who sharpened them. Now that I’m done playing, it was hard to find someone to sharpen my skates but the level of sharpening I’m now getting from Sparx is perfect. I trust it and its so convenient having right here in the garage.”

    Pascal Dupuis

    2X Stanley Cup Champion
  • “I tried it on my skates first because I was so curious and I was so happy with the results. When you have three kids playing minor hockey and myself still playing, you don’t always have time to get the skates sharpened. With the Sparx, I can just bring the skates back here, sharpen them and bring them to the rink the next day. It makes our lives so much easier.”

    Jean-Sebastian Giguere

    Stanley Cup Champion

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